A lot of people have accused me of being only attracted to really beautiful guys. Who doesn’t love a beautiful guy? For me it’s not just about a great body and a strong jawline though. They help but it’s not crucial. Two things that will get me every single time are eyes that sparkle with life and fun and a great smile. The two are usually related. So often you see “beautiful” guys smiling in photos but the smile is forced and doesn’t reach their eyes at all.

Today while browsing a site that I stop by from time to time, Summer Diary Project, I stopped in my tracks when I saw Fraser Robertson. Sure, he’s beautiful but it was his big bright eyes and a smile that would brighten the darkest day that got me. All the rest of it came later. I could be wrong but I believe you can tell when someone smiles a lot. By the time you get to my age, the evidence is in the creases around your eyes but there is a look to someone who is always ready with a smile.

Fraser looks like one of those sexy little pocket rockets that may not be very tall but has boundless energy and a cheeky smile that would get me into trouble. These shots were taken by Chris Parkes in London. Those sexy eyes and that smile top off a rocking body covered in gorgeous freckles. Such a sexy guy. You know there’d be some fun nights full of laughs with him.