Last night I had one of those nights that make you believe that when it comes to striving for marriage equality and acceptance, we are making really good progress. I know there is a very long way to go but I have faith.

Yesterday afternoon I was at some good friends’ housewarming party and they had the two beautiful guys above working as topless waiters at the party. Both these guys are straight but had absolutely no qualms about working topless in a room full of gay men all quite apparently enamoured with their physical attributes. The young blonde guy on the right has a gay brother and is only 20 so for me, epitomises the new generation that is going to wipe out all the prejudices of the older generations. I’m also going to approach both guys to model for me. Stay tuned.

After the house warming, I was off to a celebration for two lovely ladies from my circus school who got civil-unioned in a small ceremony a couple of months ago. Not only were both their middle aged parents there and beaming with pride and love but there were all the circus friends as well. Now the circus naturally attracts a fairly open minded and somewhat alternative crowd but there was such a diverse range of people from straight all through the spectrum to gay and a room full of love. One of the guys in my class is a straight guy but he’s very happy to give me a kiss and a hug to say hello or goodbye and has made comments that he’d try anything once. Now I know some people would say that makes him bi but I don’t think so. I think he’s just one of those amazing guys that is just open to whatever feels good and if at the time, that happened to be a man, then so be it.

Bring on progress.