There have been a few people I’ve featured on the blog over the years who are talented in the art of the sensual self portrait. Mikel Marton, Lars Stefan and now I’m adding another to the list. Reese. I have no idea of his last name, nor have I contacted him but I found him on tumblr a couple of days ago and was quite impressed. Some of the shots are pretty sexy with a nice hard on etc but they still don’t look like porn. The lighting and the delicate hand he uses to create his images make them more than porn, even if it’s just Reese in the bath with a boner.

I’ve often wondered with these guys if there is a need for their ego to be stroked like the muscle heads on instagram whose every picture is a selfie but I don’t think so. I think this is a pretty genuine expression of who they are, open, honest, maybe a little tortured artist but genuine. I’ll be following Reese’s adventures in nakedness.