The guys are struggling. It’s tough when you set out on a challenge like this to get fitter and more in shape, to keep in mind that lasting change takes time. Anything that gets you quick results probably won’t get you lasting results. The guys are struggling with motivation and seeing results after a few months.

Sam (left) is optimistic. He is in a challenge at his gym as well as with us and is tracking his food. He’s feeling better and can feel his body changing which is exactly what this is about.

Sean here is really struggling. He says he hasn’t hit his targets at all and wants to mix things up and try some more high intensity training instead of weights. Sean, to the rest of us you are looking good. Keep up the hard work.

Barak has declined to send in a photo this month. He’s hit the wall hard with motivation and doesn’t feel like he’s getting anywhere. I’m sure it’s not the case at all but I understand the struggle.

As yet I haven’t had a progress update or photo from Dermott but I’ll keep chasing.