When I first saw the term SUP written I had no idea what it was but when I learnt that it was an acronym for Stand Up Paddleboarding it made sense that it’s been shortened. That’s quite the moutful.

Cody and Ryan are a gay couple with a strong sense of travel and adventure who came up with the idea for Nomadic SUP tours in New York State about 5 years ago as there were no commercial SUP ventures in the area at the time. Now the two of them run Nomadic SUP in Key West Florida and started there two years ago. They run a variety of tours through the eco systems of the Florida Keys for small groups including everyone from those who have never tried SUP before to experienced paddle boarders.

One of the main drawcards to Nomadic SUP for me is the fact that they offer “Natural” tours. What are the natural tours? Naked tours. Ryan was a more experienced nudist when the two gorgeous men got together as a couple but it would appear that Cody has taken to it wholeheartedly. At this stage most of their nude tours end up men only but the groups can also be private nude tours so that you know everyone on the tour if that makes you more comfortable. The naked tours weren’t originally in the plan but the two guys would go paddling nude together and then friends would ask to come along so they opened it up as a tour option to the public too.