This weekend I’ve realised just how much I need my upcoming holiday. With yesterday’s flake online and a bad attempt at hooking up today I’ve realised that there is no point trying to kick start my mojo sometimes. It’s better to ride out the slump and see how I go at the other end. I’m also tired and run down after a very busy month or so at work with a layer of constant pressure or stress to meet deadlines and keep my disorganised production manager happy. This weekend I’ve had a couple of really flat moments. This afternoon I thought I might even try and watch a movie that would make me cry to try and just get it out, but that didn’t work either.

Then I came across these photos of two good looking guys relaxing naked on a yacht. I’m not sure if they are brothers, lovers or just friends but whatever the relationship they look really relaxed and happy. The sun-bleached hair against the tanned, even skin looks so good to me and I know when I’m naked in the sun, especially surrounded by 18-20 other naked guys on the yachts in Croatia, followed by the beaches in Sitges and wherever in Copenhagen, then I’ll probably get a bit of life back in my mojo and I’ll definitely be able to relax.

It’s only 45 days to go.