It’s been a very busy week for fakers and flakers this week. A guy added me on facebook a week or so ago through the Facebook event for the Croatian nude sailing trip that I’m doing. All of his photos that he has shown me feel like I’ve seen them a million times over many years on the internet. There’s something about him that just doesn’t ring true. There are no candid shots, all nude modeling shots which I suspect are different people. He’s the guy that inspired the post about “real nudists”.

Last night I came home and had a quiet night to myself and was feeling a bit lonely. I would have loved some cuddles, but instead I took myself off to bed relatively early and had a great night’s sleep. This morning I had a message from a hottie on Grindr and we organised for him to come over and fool around. He was only 800 metres away and sent a message saying “On my way”. That was the last I heard from him. So, unless he’s been abducted or hit by a bus en route then he’s another flakey Sydney queen who goes online for compliments and an ego boost.

I’m not sure why either of the guys, or any online faker, feels the need to do it and it makes me feel sorry for them that they need to do it for whatever reason. Today, it’s just left me mad.

I’ve actually had guys online try and use the photos of both the guys above, Derrick Davenport and Joseph Sayers. One of them actually claimed to be Joseph Sayers. Sad.