As much as I’m struggling with motivation for the gym etc at the moment, I also really struggle with the body culture at the moment that is such an obsession with guys in the teens to thirties at the moment. If you haven’t instagrammed a workout or meal prep then you may as well be obese. Granted there are health benefits to eating “clean” and doing regular exercise but the level of importance that people are placing on it is too much. Being able to sit through a longer than average movie without setting an alarm to eat is a good thing, right?

In typical Libran form though, I admire their dedication, no matter how disfunctional it is. Who wouldn’t love to look like some of these guys? I know I would, but I’m never going to and I don’t mind. There are too many delicious hot chips and ribs meals served with a beer to be enjoyed. When people say everything in moderation, that includes gym obsessions.

All that aside, as well as feeling and looking good for Europe, my gym is to stay healthy and keep strong and fit so I can do things I love like circus classes. To aid in getting my sorry arse out of bed in the morning, here is a compilation of beautiful men who never eat anything fried, or let body hair grow.

UMBRELLA ft AAG – DB from Diversidad Brutal on Vimeo.