The last month has been really rough as far as work and that’s impacted my diet and exercise. It’s also turned cold quite quickly in the past few days here in Sydney so getting out of my snug bed has been more challenging than usual. With my naked European holiday in 48 days and only about a month left in this challenge it’s time to stop making excuses and get into it. Taking the update photos at the gym has been a bit of cheeky fun and a bit of extra motivation. The scales at my gym however are another story. Two days ago I weighed myself and I was 83.7kg (185lb) which I was happy with. Today I weighed myself and I was 85.7kg. I very much doubt that I put on 2kg in two days. The scales have always fluctuated pretty wildly so who knows what I am.

The other boys are still getting their photos and progress updates in to me and I’ll post those as soon as I can.