Over the last couple of days I have been chatting to someone on Facebook who describes himself as a “real nudist” and is quite particular about it. I get that there are different attitudes towards nudity and different levels of nudism in a way. This guy talks about how he “lives nude”. I consider myself a nudist even though I’m not really a fan of that word, mostly because most non-nudies use it with a certain tone that implies judgement. With the term “real nudist” being used it sounds as if there is judgement going both ways.

Am I just pretending at being a nudist because I don’t walk around the house nude all the time regardless of whether my housemate is home or not? Am I less of a “real nudist” because I have to dress to go to work? I hope not. I’m the kind of nudist I find comfort and enjoyment in being. When I can and it’s practical, I’m naked and I enjoy it. Weather, people around me and other factors all influence whether or not I bother with pants. There are guys I know who enjoy being nude but it’s just the occasional beach visit and probably around the house at home with their partner. Most of my friends would consider me quite the nudist since I’m going sailing naked around Croatia and I’d much rather be nude sitting in a hot tub or at the beach than wearing anything.