Ever since the hot teacher Pietro Boselli took over the internet a few weeks ago, people have been sharing images all over the place of him and his beautiful body. Apparently Pietro was complaining that people don’t take him seriously because of how he looks, to which a friend of mine commented “my heart bleeds”. While I understand that it must be frustrating to not be taken seriously, on the plus side, he looks like that.

The Gaily Grind had a post that is also doing the rounds, inspired by Pietro, full of hot teachers. I’d seen images of the guy second from the right going around but the entire collection is quite something to behold. We certainly didn’t have any teachers that looked like that when I was at school. The only teacher that was anywhere near this was a Mr Kay. He was pretty classic Aussie surfer athlete guy. Tall, blonde, square jaw, broad shoulders and he made an impression on me even though at the time I didn’t know why.

Can you imagine these guys walking into your classroom when you were a horny hormonal teenager? I might have paid more attention, but then I’d be daydreaming about them instead of listening to the lesson.