I don’t know about the rest of you but I can fall in lust/crush at the drop of a hat. We all see people in the street that we think are hot but you know those times when someone just really takes your fancy and you find yourself getting all giggly like a schoolgirl or mumbling like a fool because someone’s reduced you to a nervous mess? That was me today. I think I kept myself together but I caught up with a girlfriend a bit later and couldn’t stop talking about this guy that I’d just met.

Of course he’s unavailable. I don’t just mean he’s taken. I mean he’s 14 years younger, very very hot and well, completely straight. A friend of friends that I’d asked if he’d wanted to model for me came over to talk about the photo shoot today and he arrived after a cafe lunch along with his girlfriend and my never-to-be-husband. As I said to my girlfriend, if you were to take a photo of my ideal guy, it’d be him. His body is beautiful but it was just his face and general demeanor that got me. He had a wicked sense of humour too. I do love the cheeky ones.

Basically what I’m saying is, today was a perfect example of my tradition of only being smitten with guys I can’t have. If you have any one of a few factors, in a relationship, lives too far away, emotionally unavailable or straight, then I’m hooked. If you blend a few or all of those elements then I’m going to fall totally and hopelessly in love at first site.