Work has been really full on with insane deadlines for several weeks now. It’s the nature of our industry but we have a new client that just doesn’t have realistic expectations and that’s on top of our already disorganised existing clients. Next week is looking exactly the same unfortunately but hopefully things will return to a more manageable level after that.

I know I have a big European holiday to look forward to in 55 days (who is counting?) but I’m thinking I might need to head to my friend’s property three hours out of Sydney to have a very lazy peaceful weekend doing absolutely nothing but reading a book, relaxing in their outdoor spa with beautiful views across the landscape for miles and drinking nice wine, or beer.

There’s only so long people can keep up this pace at the office. It’s not like I’ve been working ridiculous hours although there have been a couple 14 – 16 hour days but the level of pressure and anxiety from constant deadlines is starting to take it’s toll. A weekend in fresh air doing just about nothing would suit me down to the ground.