Brent Ray Fraser has featured on this blog a few times now with his videos because he intrigues me. He looks hot, he gets nude all the time and he has a lovely big meaty cock so of course he’s easy on the eye. That’s not why he intrigues me. That’s because he calls himself an artist and I guess, he does create art. I want to throw him into the “exhibitionist” category because to me, that’s pretty obviously a big part of what he does. By intriguing me, does that make him more of an artist? Art is supposed to make us question and it’s supposed to be challenging so I guess that is partly a yes but is it diminished by the strip shows and doing paintings at sexpos of just impressions of his paint covered cock? This is why I struggle.

Brent Ray Fraser Penis Paints Princess Diana & The Queen from Brent Fraser on Vimeo.