There is one family that I think is doing more to destroy any form of intelligence and integrity on this planet than just about anything else and that’s the Kardashians. They would do anything to further their fame and their wealth at the sacrifice of any bit of privacy. For them, you get the impression that if it doesn’t happen in the media then it doesn’t really happen.

Generally I think that’s a pretty terrible thing. At the moment, however that media frenzy around the family has helped. Over 16 million people in the U.S. alone watched the Diane Sawyer special interview with Bruce Jenner regarding his transition to living as a female. There had been a lot of speculation, some pretty terrible photoshop and some cruel jokes at Bruce’s expense but he still went ahead with it. Bruce is still opting to use male pronouns and hasn’t publicly stated a female name so male pronouns and Bruce it is for the time being.

With the public spotlight on Bruce’s family they have done more to open eyes to the transgender fight for rights and recognition than even stars like Laverne Cox. I can’t imagine the strength that it’s taken for a former Olympic Gold Medalist and someone so firmly in the public eye to publicly state this. It’s taken Bruce three marriages and decades of knowing who he is inside to start living that truth on the outside. Congratulations Bruce.