Work has been so very busy the last few weeks which in some respects has been great. It also means I’m really really looking forward to my holiday. In 60 days time I’ll be flying out of Australia for a three and a half week holiday where I won’t be wearing much at all. Sydney’s weather has turned colder as Autumn finally comes to town which makes the prospect of a European summer even more appealing.

Being single I get to choose exactly where I go on holidays when I book them. I love being able to do that but at times it would be really nice to be able to share these big trips with someone special. Thankfully in all three of my destinations I will be catching up with people I know. A mate from here and his partner will be on the boat with me through Croatia and in Sitges I’ll be seeing friends I haven’t seen in a very long time who I miss a great deal. It will be interesting to see them after so long. I wonder if they’ll hit the nude beach with me?

There is so much of Europe to see. I think my next few big holidays, over however long that is, will be back to that part of the world.