A couple of weeks ago I worked with Marty again. Marty was one of the guys in my Tribe series painted in white clay who I photographed with Greg, also recently featured on the blog. Marty is a very talented swimmer who has just landed a swimwear sponsorship with XWear. So we decided to do a shoot so he had some images to send to the owner of the brand who seems to be happy with how Marty looks in his gear. Marty is a cheeky young guy with, as you can see, a great body and a very perky bum. Thankfully he’s more than willing to show it off from time to time.

We did the shoot on a cliff where I’ve done a couple of other shoots over the past couple of years and the morning we did the shoot, it had been raining so the cloud cover diffused the morning light beautifully. For the time being I’m limited to outdoor or natural light shoots as I no longer have a studio to work in but that’s fine. I’m having fun pushing myself to take good photos with little or no control.