Just a few weeks ago over Easter I was lying on the beach with my family in beautiful sunshine. It seems that mother nature has decided that Sydney and the rest of New South Wales have had enough warmth and that the colder months are here and here with a vengeance. Parts of the state have been declared a natural disaster area and Sydney’s beaches have been blown or washed away. Streets are flooded and the carnage to the umbrella community has been devastating.

It’s in weather like this that I look north towards the sturdy Scandinavian countries and other countries that have the pleasure of communal, social saunas, banyas etc. What I would give to enjoy some heat, nakedness and socialising with lovely people right now isn’t exactly limited. Sadly there is very little opportunity for this kind of relaxation here. In years gone by there was the fantastic Ginseng Baths in Kings Cross, Sydney but they have been closed for a few years now. The alternative, Babylon, is ok occasionally but not as relaxed or as nice.

My gym has a steam room and a dry sauna but they are co-ed/mixed so no nudity allowed even though I’ve never really seen any women in there. With all the wild weather Sydney has been having my gym this morning didn’t even really have hot water in the showers and the steam room wasn’t working. So not fair.