I submitted the photos of Greg to DNA on the weekend and sadly they didn’t feel that he was the right fit for the magazine. It’s a shame as I thought we had a real shot. Greg is gorgeous. I feel bad because I feel like I got Greg’s hopes up and have let him down. He was aware that there were no guarantees when we did the shoot.

It’s got me thinking, after my post the other night about doing more retouching than I normally do because it was a shot at a commercial publication, just how beautiful does someone have to be? They certainly didn’t say Greg wasn’t hot enough. He just didn’t have the right look for them. So now my hunt continues for someone to shoot and hopefully land the cover. The editor of DNA did say that my photography was good. The he was happy with composition and lighting etc and I just need to get the right model that suits them.

If anyone out there is in or near Sydney or is planning on visiting then get in touch. If anyone knows any stunning guys that would be up for it, send them my way. I’m off to trawl my friends list on facebook, and their friends lists.