This story came to my attention yesterday and I actually got a bit emotional about it. Trans rights and even just trans awareness is a frontier that has been increasing in publicity lately. Awesome trans folk like Laverne Cox being on the cover of TIME magazine is a huge step forward, but the media circus around Bruce Jenner’s possible, as-yet-unconfirmed transition to female proves that we still have an enormously long way to go before the war is won.

One of the pioneers doing amazing things for the cause is Aydian Dowling. Aydian is currently in the lead in the public voting in Men’s Health Magazine’s search for a cover model. While Dowling is currently the frontrunner in the voting, winning the public vote doesn’t mean he’ll end up on the cover. There are other criteria such as professional success, fitness and community giving. Aydian looks amazing and he works hard on his body and he’s helping others too by training other trans people in Oregon.

A masculine ground zero like Men’s Health would do so much for the trans community by having a gorgeous, muscled, hot trans man on the cover. It’s astonishing that he’s leading the vote. Not because he doesn’t look the part but because of people’s discrimination. Or maybe trans supporters are being damned enthusiastic in voting.