This month’s updates have been harder to get a hold of from the challengers. I’m still waiting on Sean’s but thought I’d post the rest. It seems like we are all struggling a bit. Now that the year is settling into a rhythm and work is getting busier the initial enthusiasm has waned. I know myself work has exploded in the past two weeks and I’ve struggled to eat well and work out properly. My weight has dropped a tiny bit and I’m not feeling too bad. That’s my cheeky douchebag locker room photos on the right in the towel.

Sam on the left has said his weight has stayed the same but his body scan said that he’s lost fat and gained muscle. Sam also tells me he’s feeling better in the workout classes and in life in general which is kinda the whole point isn’t it? Well done Sam.

Dermott feels like he’s going backwards but is still working out hard and trying to stay focused. He has the benefit of a nude circuit class once a week. I’d be a regular.

Barak has sent in his photos but hasn’t given me an update yet on how he’s feeling about his progress. Hopefully he’s feeling good.