A mate of mine and I were talking about porn and sexual exploits as we are prone to do and he said he’d been watching some interracial porn. It really struck me that in 2015 we still use the term interracial in regards to couples, sex, porn etc. and it makes me really sad. We are seeing a lot of racially motivated news stories of violence and protests around the world and it’s a bit scary that in this day and age race is still an issue. I have mostly caucasian friends but I was brought up believing, and I’d like to think practicing, that no one is lesser than anyone else.

This post is going to stick to the topic of interracial sex/porn for the main reason that it’s a nicer topic than violence and war. I’m also not informed enough to understand the politics and motivation for the violence. Sex is an act between two people that find each other attractive and I assume that the porn stars who are making “interracial” porn are into each other. Thankfully we are seeing the interracial label being used less and less and it’s essentially just hot guys fucking the hell out of each other but the fact that it’s still used at all is still a problem.

There is an old expression floating around and I don’t know where it came from or who said it and it was originally about war and racial tensions but it was something along the lines of “Instead of focusing on what makes us different, why not focus on what makes us the same?” That is so very true and especially suitable when you are trying to get your rocks off with some gorgeous guy. The colour of his skin doesn’t matter. Is he making you feel good? Are you making him feel good? Excellent. Have at it boys.