On Friday night, Kylie’s Kiss Me Once tour made it’s second last stop in Australia. Unfortunately Kylie hasn’t sold out the shows here in Australia and I only got to see the show once. In tours past I’ve seen them twice because, like the Pope, she doesn’t tour all that often. I had expected a larger scale production than it turned out to be but apparently tour budgets are directly linked to album sales and the Kiss Me Once album hasn’t sold very well. We lost some of the impact of the screens from where we were sitting but as always Kylie looked like she was having a ball and she had the audience in the palm of her hand revisiting old old old songs, new songs and hits everywhere in between.

Kylie has just announced her departure from ROC Nation, Jay Z’s management label after two years with disappointing album sales and ticket sales. She’s also left her record label Parlophone citing that she wants to have more control over her music. Fingers crossed that her latest collaborations with Georgio Moroder amongst others indicate a very cool new direction for her. Sadly, Australian radio will get her on for an interview when she’s in town but they never play her music.