With so many underwear and swimwear labels out there, mostly catering for gay men it would seem, they are going to some pretty wild places with their designs. Some of them must rely almost solely on the fetish market because the underwear doesn’t support anything. Brands like Andrew Christian have such absurd pouches at the front that only the porn stars that model them can hope to fill them impressively.

This video from N2N Bodywear is pretty sexy. The guys are hot and a lot of the swimwear is pretty cool. The guys wearing the onesies in the pool really should have gotten out in them, that would have been sexy. Personally I don’t get men in g-strings. If a man looks good in a g-string it is probably DESPITE the g-string, not because of it. On the other hand, a jock strap enhances a butt whether good or bad.

Palm Springs Wet Dream from N2N Bodywear on Vimeo.