The last 5 days have been very emotional. Firstly I got to catch up with some very dear friends that I don’t see often enough. Once I arrived in Adelaide and the boys picked me up from the airport I was swept up in a huge cloud of family, friends, love and laughs.

On Thursday and Friday there was errands to help with boys with and helping them create decorations for their wedding on Saturday. On Saturday the boys looked gorgeous, the venue looked beautiful and you couldn’t help but be emotional. Apparently I am a very emotional wedding go-er. I was far from the only one. Many comments were made that a lot of people were crying with joy including a disproportionate amount of straight men.

The wedding was something a lot of the older family members were approaching not knowing what to expect but when it arrived, it was just like every other wedding. Two people pledging commitment and love to each other. Being able to be a part of the preparation in the days leading up to the ceremony and being a part of the day itself was a huge privilege. These two boys have become very special to me after meeting them five years ago. One of them I had hadn’t seen for over 3 years and it was like we had hung out a week before. They are a natural fit as friends for me. We laugh, we talk, we laugh some more. We also cried a fair bit this weekend.

No one knows the day to day reality of someone else’s relationship but I know that if I can find someone and be as happy as they are, I will be over the moon.

Now I just need to edit 990 photos.