I’ve spoken in the past about my “what if” guys. One I will be going on a date with in a couple of weeks. The other I thought was destined for a life in the closet in the country. It appears that romance does triumph after all. Cowboy lives several hours drive out of Sydney to the north west. I’ve seen on facebook and instagram that he’s spent a bit of time lately in one of the southern states of Australia so today I sent a text asking of someone special was enticing him south. It turns out that yes, he’s met a lovely guy and they’ve been together for a few months. Cowboy is planning on making the move interstate and into the city. He’s lived in the city before but also has the option of country escapes to his father’s property.

I asked if Cowboy’s family knew of the development and as yet, no they don’t but he said as soon as he’s settled in with city-boy love that it’ll all be out in the open. I was always saddened that he never felt like he could come out to his family. Today he told me that his father will be fine but his mother will go mental. Luckily his parents aren’t together and cowboy isn’t close to his mother. I love romance and I hope this goes really well for Cowboy. He and I met at a time when he wasn’t comfortable with his sexuality and we had nothing more than a fling even though I will always have a soft spot for him. Yay for romance!

All the photos used are by the very talented Paul Freeman.