Tomorrow morning I leave to fly to Adelaide in South Australia to spend a few days down there before going to the wedding of some very dear friends. I met these boys on a cruise several years ago and because of the distance I don’t get to catch up with them anywhere near enough. They are having a very small wedding and under normal circumstances I wouldn’t have been able to go with their limited invite list. The very dear boys though have asked me to photograph the wedding which saves them a lot of money and also means that they can have me at their wedding.

The pressure is on though as I usually take photographs that are very different to wedding photos. There have been several threats made, by me, that if it’s all going badly I’ll be getting everyone naked and bodypainting them, mother of the groom and all!

As a tragic romantic, I can’t wait to see these boys get married, even if our stupid government is lagging way behind the rest of the developed free world and it’s not legal.

So I will be silent on the blogging front for nearly a week. Keep yourselves entertained and play nicely while I’m away ok?