Last night was the world premiere of the movie Drown. This movie was based on a stage play that was first performed in Queensland, Australia. Queensland is beautiful but not very progressive in it’s thinking and the play had a lot of walkouts. After seeing the film last night, I can see why.

Len is the 5 time “Lifesaver of the Year” at the local surf lifesaving club and is a hard-partying larrikin with a strange obsession with the size of his mate’s cock. “Meat” is that mate who does whatever Len tells him. When Phil turns up at the club as a new member and promptly wins the club championship race, Len is put out. When he finds out that Phil is gay, that’s when things turn sour.

The three lead actors have done an amazing job. Both characters of Len and Phil are played by straight men and while Matt Levett as Len is very believable as the bullying, self-loathing Len, Phil played by Jack Matthews doesn’t flinch in his portrayal. He doesn’t over play the gay, but nor does he over butch the character and there was no obvious hesitation in the love scenes that you so often see with straight men playing gay.

What follows is some hard drinking, bullying disguised as mateship, self-loathing, violence and tragedy. The film is well worth a watch. There are two more screenings in Sydney and the film is available now on a new service called TUG where you can almost crowd-source a screening in your local cinema.

The film isn’t perfect, there were some slight timeline issues that bugged me and I’m not sure the people that should see the film will, but I hope it gets a mainstream release.

DROWN (2015) -Trailer from jj splice films on Vimeo.