After a dinner on Sunday evening I am now in an unexpected position of being able to answer the question “what if?” with someone I met nearly a decade ago. What is a “what if” guy? I posted about my two “what if” guys a while ago. It turns out that my second “what if” guy thinks I might just be one of his “what if” guys as well. We caught up for dinner on Sunday night and as I am rubbish at keeping things in, I laid my cards on the table and said that I had been wondering “what if” and he said he’d had exactly the same conversation about me with one of his friends.

As a result, he suggested we commit to a proper date. Yes we are both “date” kinda guys rather than just shag kinda guys. Timing being what it is though he’s leaving the country for business shortly so the date can’t be for a few more weeks but that gives me something to look forward to and, lets face it, something to over think and stress about. Honestly though I feel very comfortable with this and even if it doesn’t go anywhere at least we’ll both have an answer.

At our ages (he’s a little older) we both have baggage from previous relationships and dating experiences but I’m going to make a very concerted effort to make sure mine fits in the overhead locker rather than needing a shipping container.