In ye olden days of the Salem Witch Trials, when one was suspected of being a witch they had a rather foolproof but silly test to find out if one was indeed filled with witchery. They pushed one off a cliff or burnt one at the stake. If you were indeed a witch you could free yourself or save yourself, but oops, one got away. If one wasn’t a witch they, oops, killed an innocent person.

The dating world is a touch like the witch trials of Salem. One must not mention that one wants a relationship for that is guaranteed to scare everyone away because no one wants to be in a relationship with someone that wants one. One must instead remain tight lipped about one’s desire for domestic bliss and that is the sure fire way to find it. No one will ever know it is what you want. Nor shall one ever know that it is what anyone else wants and therefore you shall find blissful harmony. Sounds logical doesn’t it?

Just like my earlier installment of EFTMH making sure you don’t seem interesting so that you will garner interest, no one wants to actually let on that you have romantic tendencies. It is not unusual for people to want to play with bondage, but a relationship with strings attached is way too crazy.