Today was the first of my scheduled performances at the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Fair Day. Over the years that I’ve been doing aerial silks I have only done a handful of public performances and I get very nervous before a performance to the point that I nearly throw up. Today I was watching others do their routines and getting increasingly anxious when the performer scheduled for half an hour before me didn’t turn up. So they bumped me forward after asking if that was ok. The girl that asked me could see that I was only going to get more nervous and thought it would be good to get it done.

The routine was far from spectacular but also not a total disaster. Being an outdoor setup which I’m not used to, there was wind to contend with and the silk was slippery. Most of that I handled ok but one trick didn’t quite come off with those factors making it very difficult and then after that I went to wrap for my last trick and just had a brain fart and got very confused and messed up the last trick. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it all was immediately after.

A few hours after the fact now and I’m looking at it as great practice for the other upcoming performance in a month’s time, indoor without wind and hopefully not slippery.

The girls in the photo above did a beautiful duo trapeze routine to “Same Love” by Macklemore which is beautifully appropriate as they are getting married next weekend.