A friend of mine has spent the last couple of years working on a children’s book and today he released his baby to the world. The book is called “I think I’m a Poof” and through a simple story of a child getting his father’s love and support, aims to teach children that being gay isn’t a bad thing. Sure, with words like Poof and Faggot in the book, not everyone is going to buy it and read it for their child.

Just tonight I’ve seen comments on facebook about the book saying it portrays stereotypes and is offensive. Seriously? I think people need to lighten up. The father in the book tells his little boy that he’ll live somewhere nice and will have a beautiful house and be stylish. Yes these are gay clichés but I’m pretty sure a straight parent will trot out a few clichés to support a gay child. The father is trying to encourage his upset child and tell him that he will have a good life.

Samuel Leighton-Dore is a young creative guy living in the Inner West of Sydney and he drew upon his own bullying and torment at school as inspiration to write the book. In his own words the book has its tongue firmly in it’s cheek and “I hope it starts an open dialogue and (most importantly) I hope it makes you laugh.” It certainly did make me smile.

Check out this gorgeous video of some Aussie Dads of gay sons reading the book and talking lovingly about their gay sons. You can buy the book here. One dollar from every book sold goes to QLife.