Tonight I had a catch up for dinner with a few really good mates. Across the board we represent a fairly wide spectrum of relationship status. One in an open long term relationship that gets a fair bit of action on the side. One in a very new relationship that is all very loved up but interstate. One in a long term monogamous relationship. Then there’s me. Long term monogamous relationship with my right hand and my porn collection.

We were talking about my lack of sex when the guy in the new long distance relationship asked to see my profile photo. I have the same photo on Grindr, Hornet and Scruff and I never get lucky. I typically attract guys way older and way younger, neither of which is my ideal. Apparently my photo (above) is too smiley. Newly-loved-up-guy said that guys are put off by someone who looks like a nice guy. They want someone that looks like they just want a good shag, a roll in the hay, blow their load and leave.

Since when did looking like a nice guy and having a smiling profile photo become the opposite of an aphrodisiac?

I’m curious, for those of you who use the apps, what kind of photo do you have?