A friend of mine had his 40th birthday party last night and we celebrated on one of Sydney Harbour’s islands that has camping and other accommodation. Late in the evening we had all had lots to drink and the party got a little bit wild in a perfectly harmless and fun way. One of my mates was walking around in just speedos and kept hanging his balls out the side of them. The birthday boy kept having his underwear pulled down from underneath the drag costume he ended up in and by the time I hit the wall and decided to go to bed he was naked on the lounge. He’s quite partial to ending up nude at parties and someone stole his outfit from him and he was a bit too tipsy to resist.

This morning around breakfast, with foggy heads from hangovers we dissected and reconstructed the evening through various people’s recollections. I do remember that I was teaching one of the girls how to do a slut drop (see this classy video for an explanation) and as someone reminded me, I thought one of those slut drops should be done with my arse out. The other strong indication that the night was a little more rowdy than usual was the fact that I did a shot of vodka. That bit isn’t so wild, but I drank it from speedo guy’s foreskin. Yup. It wasn’t a full shot but it was pretty good.