Today it was announced that Nick Jonas will be performing at the Sydney Mardi Gras After Party. Someone on Facebook posted a comment that he was sick of the marketing machine pandering to homosexuals.

My problem with that statement, along with all the “gay-baiting” accusations thrown at Mr Jonas in the past year, is that we as a “community” complain when we aren’t represented in marketing but we also complain when we are marketed to. Nick Jonas has gone from a purity ring-wearing Disney puppet to an adult that makes his own decisions. If he were really just pandering or gay-baiting would he really be playing a gay character in his TV series Kingdom? Would he really immerse himself in a party of 20,000 homosexuals? It seems that he may just be making good business decisions and very comfortable with gay people to do that.

Let’s take Azalea Banks as a counter example. She’s ranting constantly on twitter about faggots, specifically white faggots. Will she ever sell a record to a gay man that’s aware of her attitudes? No. She claims it’s just because they hate women and especially black women. I think it’s just because she’s a lunatic.

People like Madonna and Kylie may not have courted the gay fan base they have but they’ve certainly marketed to it once they had it. Both of them fill their stages and videos with beautiful men not wearing much but we don’t seem to accuse them of pandering or gay-baiting.

Can’t we just be happy that the hot straight guy we invited to the party wants to come instead of wondering why?