Over the weekend I went camping with a couple of mates. One of them I’ve known for years and feel very comfortable with. The other I’ve met a handful of times through some friends and he’s a really nice guy and was good company to have along for a relaxed weekend naked in the sun. He’s a very confident guy and I found myself being intimidated by him.

Everyone has their insecurities and I know that he does but he seemed so confident. He has a great body and a big old dick swinging around so that really doesn’t hurt especially on a nude camping weekend. I found myself being less outgoing than I normally would be amongst friends.

How do I get my confidence back? I’m sick of being intimidated and easily discouraged around guys and just in general. I’d love some tips from anyone who has been in a similar situation or from anyone with ways of rediscovering my confidence. Too many people try and find confidence in “likes” on Facebook and Instagram but that’s not what I’m after. That’s fleeting and it’s not real.

Scenic Boys: A Gourmet Gallivant from scenicboys on Vimeo.