This is the gymspiration post for this week’s workouts. One of my lucky London readers has some extra motivation for his workouts lately. He’s found himself a personal trainer who runs one on one sessions from a private studio space where both client and personal trainer are nude. Yep, nude. As his website says, he is happy for the client to touch his body in order to understand what muscles should be being used for particular exercises and he is up front and understanding that both client and himself may get a hard on but it’s not a sexual service. My reader says it’s a fantastic workout and that is also a very sexy experience.

Not only does this amazing PT train clients one on one in his private studio but on Sundays he has access to a gym when it is closed to the public where he is running nude group circuit sessions for about 20 naked guys. That sounds amazing! My understanding is that it is a mixed group of straight and gay men and no one cares what anyone’s orientation is. Everyone is there for the same goal, to work out and get fit/keep fit and to have the bonus of doing that workout nude.

I’ve posted on the blog before that I would LOVE a nude gym session but I very much doubt that it will ever happen here in Sydney. If there are any Sydney PT’s out there reading this that have the means and the opportunity to make something like this happen, please do so!