I have update photos from a two of the challengers and a new challenger for the Fitness Challenge. It’s great to see people committing to this challenge to make themselves feel better!

Barak is on the left. He has got a personal trainer and changed his diet as well as putting in time at the gym. So far he’s down three kilos (6.6lb) and down 1.5% bodyfat which is a great effort. Barak tells me that he can’t see a difference yet but we all have to persevere. I’m not noticing a lot of change yet either but I do feel better which is one of the main goals!

Dermott is also struggling with not noticing a lot of difference but he’s enjoying his workouts and staying focused.

New to the challenge is a Sydney boy, Sam. Sam wants to lose some more weight and continue to tone up and add muscle to the progress he’s already made. He has an added incentive of a ticket on the Atlantis Cruise later in the year.

Sean’s update will be over the weekend I believe.  If anyone else wants to join in then feel free to email me your photos and what you are trying to achieve etc. The more the merrier.