I’ve blogged several times in the past couple of years about potentially doing performances for aerial silks but for one reason or another (ie I was scared) they haven’t happened. That’s about to change. My circus school is going to be running demonstrations and hosting a stall at the Mardi Gras Fair Day on Sunday 22nd of February. There will be an outdoor rig set up in the park and a number of us with various levels of experience and training are going to be putting on routines or showcases for the crowd.

I haven’t done a solo show in the three years since I injured my arms quite badly but I’ve been back into it long enough now and my strength is back so it’s time. It will be a good rehearsal for the end of term show that I’ve also committed to doing a month later in mid/late March. My routine isn’t fully fleshed out yet but I have a good idea of what I want to do so I’m fairly confident that with some rehearsal time I’ll be up for it. I just watched the video of my first ever public performance which was in aussieBums. Such a dangerous idea performing silks wearing that little but I did it twice!