A reader in London and I have been emailing backwards and forwards. It was him that let me know about the New Docklands Steam Bath that I posted about recently and he’s been helping me find possible places for naked relaxation in my one day in London in June. He’s a nudist as well and we’ve been chatting about our nude experiences.

Today we were discussing gym routines and working out etc. He told me that once in a swimming pool locker room he was showering in the communal showers, naked as you do, and then walked to his locker nude. A man who was there with two sons told him it was inappropriate to shower nude and not to cover himself with a towel between the shower and the locker. Um… isn’t a locker room the most appropriate place to be nude? In fact, in all showers isn’t it appropriate to be nude? I struggle with the idea of NOT being nude under the showers at most public (clothed) beaches.

I can fully understand people not being comfortable with being nude themselves but to expect everyone else to cover up because you are shy is ludicrous. What message is that guy sending to his sons?