Apparently there is a fashion designer called Rick Owens and according to Mr Owens putting male models in drapey blankets with holes in the crotch or so short their junk is on display is called fashion. I’m no prude but this is clearly just a grab for attention. None of the “clothing” is actually wearable or even remotely stylish. It’s certainly worked as a publicity stunt because this story was all over the internet a few days ago but I forgot to blog about it before now.

None of his models are my type either. They all look a bit like unwashed anemic protestors. If you are going to do balls out on the runway do it well. Karl Largerfeld’s male muse Brad Kroenig has walked the runway nude with a surfboard along side another model and I’m pretty sure Tom of Finland fashion has sent models down the runway with not a lot of modesty.  So I’m thinking Rick Owens needs to do a bit better. Congratulations to the models though for being bold enough to do it.