There aren’t many guys that can carry off long hair and look good, but the sharp jawed Cole Monahan certainly can. The Tennessee native has recently signed with Elite Model Agency which almost guarantees a level of success in the industry. Cole is a 6’2″ blue eyed country boy growing up on a farm in Tennessee which has apparently given him a good work ethic to propel him in modeling.

He came to my attention on Instagram a while ago which is where all the hot men seem to be found. According to his facebook he is in a relationship but there are no details on the gender of his partner so forgive me if I just project my desire and pretend it’s a guy that looks just like me. Sadly I think I’m completely mistaken.

Cole has done some great shoots with people like Scott Teitler baring his perky fuzzy butt in a Ice Hockey Locker Room shoot as well as wearing some seriously cool fashion in other shoots. The tousled curly long hair just making him look even more adorable especially combined with his cheeky grin. I’ve always been and always will be a sucker for a cheeky grin and sparkly eyes.