Working out at the gym without a gym partner is taking some getting used to but it’s not actually the working out that has been a problem for me. I’m finding it tough to motivate myself to go without someone waiting for me but so far I’m doing it at least three times a week, usually four. Now that I’ve committed to the fitness challenge I need to stick to it. With the challenge and the prospect of sailing nude through Croatia, the motivation is there. I’ve also committed to doing a routine at the circus school end of term show and it will be the first solo in over three years so I need to make sure I’m strong enough and fit enough to do it.

With all that in mind, today I went up to the sports store near work and bought a skipping rope so that I can start with 5-10 minutes of skipping at the end of a workout each day. Getting on a treadmill just isn’t happening at the moment but I don’t mind skipping every now and then so skipping it is, just more often.

When I weighed myself a couple of days ago I wasn’t happy with the number that popped up on the screen. With nights out over Christmas and New Years and pub meals / beers with friends I’ve put on about half a kilo which isn’t what I want. Training harder with weights I may have put on a little bit of muscle but there is still some soft “insulation” that needs to go.

For myself, Barak and Sean, and anyone else that wants to join us in the Fitness Challenge, here are some naked hotties with beautiful bodies to serve as gymspiration.