Tonight I’ve had my faith in mens ability to disappoint reaffirmed. Whether it’s a Sydney thing, a gay thing or just a men thing is open for discussion but I can only really speak of the Sydney dating scene and what I would say is not complimentary.

I was chatting to a guy over the last week on Scruff. He had a nice profile with a lot of interests and a couple of lines that made me laugh. People that make me laugh have so much more going for them than someone with a million instagram likes on their selfie. We organised a few days ago to meet tonight for a drink. I tried to confirm on Scruff yesterday and again today but he was offline and no trace of being online. An hour before the time we were supposed to meet I said to a friend that I thought I was being stood up. Sure enough, Mr Scruff has not been seen tonight.

Are people really that deluded that they believe that by writing “down to earth” or “I don’t play games” on their profile that it makes it fact? We’ve all come across guys whose profile clearly is all a big fat lie. They say they are masculine when really they are camp. They say they are down to earth when they are really a typical scene game player. What are they trying to achieve?

Maybe dating and relationships are just a thing meant for other people.