Dear lord, sometimes as a collective we gays wonder why people don’t take us seriously or are grossed out by what they think we do in bed. This video, while not as funny as the women reading grindr messages, really highlights just how random some guys are on the apps and how even guys with the most out there fetishes have no fear of putting it all out there. I guess behind the relative anonymity of a phone screen you can put it out there and if someone takes the bait, then why not? A friend of mine who is in a monogamous relationship has grindr on his phone when he travels for work. He showed me his profile, there is no photo and no information. He uses it just to be a bit of an observer. People message him hitting him up for sex. WTF? I cannot understand the complete lack of self respect you must have to hit someone up for sex when you have no idea of any facet of their existence. None.

Watching these guys react to some of these messages is funny, mostly because we’ve all had messages like these.