It could be a problem stemming from social media or just an evolution of society but it seems that good is no longer enough. Facebook will show you that even though you can “like” something with a push of a button, saying you like something or that it’s good, just doesn’t cut it.

A “Like” button makes it so easy to flatter someone when we really can’t be bothered that it’s diminished the meaning even though people crave “likes” as a validation and without enough of them you aren’t enough of a person (allegedly). Reading the comments on any particular post on just about any form of social media, every single one of them is a complete over exaggeration of any emotion. No longer can we say we don’t like that or it’s not our taste. We have to now say that it’s the worst ever or the ugliest thing ever seen.

The same goes for good comments. That’s really good or well done just doesn’t seem to give the right impression of adoration for someone you don’t bother communicating with in the real world. Photos are “amazing” or “the best thing I’ve ever seen”. Nowadays you can’t be just a bit excited, you have to be “OMG I’m totally dying right now”.

On Model Mayhem the comments are quite amusing to read. Terrible photos get a “great capture” or “amazing shot” just because the guy in the photo has his cock out or something about the photo tickles the viewer’s fetish bone® even though the photo itself may be absolutely horrendous from a technical perspective.

In the real world my good friends, you know the ones whose opinions should really count, are the ones that will tell me honestly that I’m being an idiot or my photos are ok but this one’s a bit shit. That’s the good stuff. They’ll give me a pat on the back when I deserve it and a kick in the arse when I need that too. Can we dial down the drama and stop buying into social media validation please?

P.S. If this post doesn’t get like a gazillion comments I’m going to be so totally devastated.