The story in the last week of the poor transgender teen that threw herself in front of a truck because her parents wouldn’t accept her has created a lot of publicity around the globe with Dan Savage even saying her parents should be charged. While I agree it’s a devastatingly sad situation, you have to feel for her parents a bit. There have been reports that have said they only heard from their child about being transgender a handful of times and very recently. Is it not possible that the feelings of isolation and sadness when combined with the fairly typical teenage dramatic response to not being understood might have been a tragic combination? Teenagers are always overly dramatic to everything. I’m not saying that this isn’t horrible for a second but these parents have already lost their child. Do they also need this condemnation for being fairly normal, if religiously conservative parents? They didn’t handle it well but they certainly didn’t kill their daughter.

That sad story was beautifully contrasted by a story that popped up on my facebook feed this evening. This story was one about a father dropping his teenage son off on what was very clearly a date as told by a witness to the scene. The father was judged by the author and the author got it wrong. A traditional, masculine father dropping his gay teenage son off on a date and being beautifully supportive of it made me smile. There are a lot of bad coming out stories out there, but there are a lot of great ones too.