With this year’s Company of Men exhibition coming up in two weeks time, I still have one large print left from last year’s event. These images of Matteo covered in talcum powder have proven to be very popular with people that see them and this final image is one of my favourites. It makes quite an impact in the size that it’s printed which is 60cm wide x 90cm high (2′ x 3′). All of the other three prints from that exhibition have been sold to various people as far afield as Texas!

If you are interested in purchasing the print, shoot me an email and we can discuss it.

This year’s Company of Men opens on Wednesday 21st at Brightspace gallery in St Kilda, Melbourne. A lot of artists from last year’s exhibition are making a comeback for this round as well as a bunch of new talent so if you happen to be in Melbourne you should definitely go and have a look. If you time your visit right you may just catch another sexy performance by Rogan Richards.