When a Lynx commercial comes on tv you can expect some quirk. Usually there’s a guy that isn’t your stereotypical lady-killer being chased by hordes of gorgeous women just because he’s sprayed on some Lynx deodorant. They play for cheap laughs but they are memorable and they make me smile. Do I use Lynx? No.

Lynx have now entered the world of hair product and this ad serves up some unexpected as well with a gay twist that I certainly didn’t see coming. I like it. Some gay men will feel like it’s just blatant targeting of the pink dollar but guess what? That’s what marketing is. That’s why McDonalds advertises happy meals during the day when kids are going to nag mum and dad for a toy. That’s why eHarmony makes you feel like you won’t ever be happy unless you find a significant other.

I say market away to your hearts content. While companies like Lynx are bold enough to risk turning the conservatives away, the more used to gay people kissing the rest of the world gets, little by little. Well done Lynx.