Yesterday lying in the blazing sun at Obelisk nude beach, I was chatting to a friend that I hadn’t seen in a couple of years when this guy that could only be described as beautiful arrived. Overhearing a conversation between he and some gorgeous Dutch guys in the water a bit later I found out that he was indeed Australian. To look at him you would have picked him as raised by pure blood Viking royalty. He had white-blonde hair and milky pale skin and the kind of sculptured bone structure that is a gift from a higher power.

At most this Nordic God would have been 24. At most, but he stood at about 6’3″ with shoulders wide and square tapering to the kind of lean waist that is wasted on the young, all perched atop two long, lean but strong legs. Yes, I know I’m gushing a bit but he was the kind of gorgeousness that you rarely see this side of Photoshop.

My mate uttered the words “Too Perfect.” Those words may both be in English but in that order and that combination they make no sense. I understand what he was trying to say but while he was so young, chiseled and gorgeous that it was almost asexual and more artistic, there is no such thing as “too perfect.” Having said that, I can certainly see the appeal increasing with a well placed (slight) scar or ruggedness.

Whoever he is, I have a feeling I’ve seen him on Instagram and if he isn’t actually modeling full time he bloody well should be. He has a look that would make him lots of money in high fashion modeling, or with Bel Ami.

Don’t ask what his junk was like. As with all the hot guys especially under 25 he didn’t get nude.